Favorite image

I don’t recall where I saw this, but I suspect it was in Alamo City since I’ve got the image listed there. Probably, I’m guessing, a T-shirt. Or it should be one, anyway.

Lust? I just differ with some of the attributions. Prettiest women I’ve seen tend to originate from the Houston (Harris County) area. Old observation, dated, even, on my part. Still, I’d stick to the Eastern side of the state for Lust. El Paso? Not so much. Except for, well, there’s always Rosie’s Cantina, legend in song. I’d have to put Lust in Dallas or Houston, really. Preferably Houston. Just an observation.

Sloth? Is that Lubbock? That’s a might far stretch for sloth, isn’t it? I realize some people get stuck there, or some people like it there – I like to visit, myself – but sloth doesn’t fit with my understanding of the town, or the area. Some of the hardest working musicians I know are from that place – the legendary Flatlanders. Sort of ruins the sloth ideal for the area.

Envy, where is that? Cotulla? Doesn’t make any sense, not to me, who is envious of the south part of the state? Treacherous brush country, hard land. That looks like the Nueces Strip to me, again, the only envy would be Mexico, but that’s a battle that’s long been lost. Envy belongs in Dallas, like New York, only nicer people and nicer weather.

Gluttony: South. South side of San Antonio, all the way down I-37 to Corpus Christi. Best example I’ve seen. Pick a location. However, I do like me my seafood, not like I can complain. Best sushi I’ve had in years, a week ago in Corpus. Amazing, fresh, amazingly hot, tasteful, forceful, hot, excellent.

Avarice, in Dallas, that could fit. Maybe. Not like there isn’t enough vice for Dallas, in as much as it is a den of inequity itself. As the original home for the retail giant Neiman-Marcus, that would have to fit. However, it’s also the home for several big restaurant corporations, maybe Gluttony, too?

Wrath is hard to pick. It looks like it’s the top of the state, what is that? Borger? Some ranch? Above Amarillo, for sure, and what’s up there? Southern Colorado? A thin sliver of Oklahoma? Doubt that it counts as true wrath. The folks I’ve met from up there tend to be easy going and slightly philosophical. For some real wrath, look in the Alamo City itself, San Antonio. A monument built on ire. A tribute to as small and very determined group of settlers who wanted something. Rather pissed off. 100 years from now, many people won’t remember the Gulf War I, Gulf War II, or any of its subsequent issues. But they will still remember the Alamo!

Pride? How about the whole damn state. Twice the size of Italy, bigger than France, Ask foreigners to identify the state, and its shape is easily recognized. Yeah, the whole state could be pride. Do it as a belt buckle. I’d wear it – with pride.