Decoding the past

It’s an issue – especially with me. My handwriting sucks.

In part, I can blame some points in my education. Then, too, at the advent of the quotidian word processor, handwriting, for me, is largely archaic.

Face it: I can type faster than I can scribble. I adapted to the software shorthand that was common, in its era, on some palm – based machines (Apple’s Newton then the Palm III, &c.)

But that changed, and then only a few months ago, the iPhone, and some things never change. I do have a few handwritten journals, but those are rare, and more rare these days.

More food for thought.

Begs the question, why would I be called a writer if I can’t write well?

Idea Factory:
“Quality, pre-owned horoscopes.”
“ – now with Cable TV in Every Room.”
“Fishing Guide to the Stars – King Beds and weekly rates available.”

Dark Side (of the rainbow)

Unrelated food items:
Unhealthy Food.
Just what I suspected. Only worse.

I’m guessing, it’s time for Welcome to the Machine – which begs the question, when did I become mainstream?

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