Mercury notes

A tale of two house sales. Real estate, a hot topic these days.

Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of attention. Duly noted for this year.

I have two first-hand experiences with Mercury Retrograde and real estate transactions. The first, an astrologer I consulted, that other person suggested that I time the sale differently. I was out of time, and out of patience, and frankly, I didn’t like that particular astrologer too well. Bad bedside manner. The advice wasn’t well-received on my part. I listed the place when Mercury was turning Retrograde. The good news is that I got an offer, and we reached an agreement, within days. This material is long lost in the “myth” section of my life, at this point. Just an advance warning, if trying to track me down. Good luck.

But the data point is the transaction itself. While the listing and subsequent agreement to purchase occurred when Mercury was retrograde, the sale itself didn’t close until Mercury was past the point where it started its retrograde pattern. Almost six months. Every conceivable delay encountered. A little lesson in Mercury Retrograde and what it means.

Run the screenplay forward about a dozen years. I sold another place, only, I was timing this accurately with Mercury in mind. The place was listed for sale just after the moon was no longer dark, and Mercury wasn’t yet retrograde. The sale closed when Mercury was backwards, but there wasn’t a single hitch with that. I planned, and executed, according to Mercury being backwards. I allowed wiggle room.

Knowing Mercury and its influence, I allowed a couple of days. Didn’t need it, but it was a good idea. In the first situation, the plan was conceived and executed under the influence of Mercury Retrograde. The results were predictably bad. The second time, I planned around Mercury, made allowances, and started well in advance of the influential period. It’s all about timing, and execution.

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