Swiped it

Or the idea, but here’s to the big events in the last year.

5. Moved the office, well, I am an office of one, so I’m not really sure that it’s such a big deal, but the new PO Box is in San Antonio, the cradle of freedom in the western world. Austin is, at times, a bit uppity these days. Besides that, the old trailer park has been sold. Fill in the blanks.

4. Bought an iPhone. Stood in line for all of about ten or fifteen minutes, bought the phone, and I’ve used it ever since. Seamless integration with everything I do. Works the way I work, does about 80% of what I want it to do. iPhone doesn’t steam milk right for a cappuccino, but that’s a small gripe.

3. Birthday fishing was phenomenal. Came home with a cooler full. An amazing time.

2. REK at Floores. Enough has been said.

1. Oracular astrology. What I’ve been trying to write for years.


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