Did I mention

I hate the holidays.

Then something to make a smile: hot (HOT!) GIRL pr0n! – strong men need to be careful, might not be safe.

Strong dislike:
Telemarketers who call a private number, and then, tell me to call back (which means you agree to the Terms of Service. 800-920-4701, I’d ask how they live with themselves, but, I suppose, business is business. Still. That much ire and ill will generated?
False information:
Here at astrofish.net, we have deployed the Apple iPhone enterprisewide (#10) and is that really a word? “Enterprisewide”? So I’ll guess the article is a joke, huh. I once chastised another writer for relying on the three letters, or what they usually stand for, as punctuation, wasn’t always funny, but really, WTF.

Best of 07:
Best line, just got to it, from an old New Yorker magazine, “I started blogging out of a desperate need to procrastinate.” (10/22)


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