Pluto into Capricorn (Part One)

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

I was quizzed, it’s starting to show up and I figure I’m going to have to address it sooner or later. Pluto begins its ingress into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Capricorn around January 25, 2008. Pluto doesn’t make much headway, exiting in June, only to re-enter in November.

What is all mean? End of the world, as we know it? In an effort to plot a forward course, I tend to look back, first.

It was the fall of 1994, and I was sitting in a head shop, my term for a new age – wiccan – (neo) pagan store that carries Tarot cards, herbs, candles, all the trappings of the modern ritualist. I was the Tuesday astrologer, if I recall rightly. Pluto was making its first ingress towards Sagittarius.

I had three clients in a row, each at an hour, each client was an early degree Sagittarius. That means, they were all born in November, like from 11/22 to 11/26. There were three very different demographics represented. That I recall in sharp, high-contrast detail. Like one each: Student/teacher/professional. It was one of the broadest samplings I’ve seen, back-to-back. Very different cultures, origins, ages, and yet, the common thread: the early portion of the sign, the very early portion.

As I’ve been fond of uttering, “I do love me my Sagittarius women.”

For obvious reasons. So I was thrilled that afternoon, and the message was clearly the same. As each of the three were reacting to a planet stimulus of epic proportions. Me too, but I’m little later and my heroic deeds, well, I’m too modest to go on about me.

That afternoon, though, was one of the first glimpses into the answer to the yet un-asked question, “Pluto planet?” Call it a planet, dwarf planet, planetoid, asteroid, or even just a funny mark on a piece of paper, its effects are real. Ask any of the Sagittarius folks, at one time or another, between January 1995 and January 2008, there’s been the Pluto Effect. It’s also done with, or just about.

Look at the inception dates for a great number of the current crop of “inter-web” leaders. Most of this whole dern “inter-tubed-web” and “down-home” pages, all that comes from Pluto in Sagittarius. Blithering Sagittarius, always trying to make everything better, and telling anyone who will listen.