Petroleum Products

Rico Nachos, as their sign says, “Originators of the concession stand nacho, since 1883” – I might be misquoting the sign. I’ve walked past that sign, just south of downtown San Antonio, several times. S. Flores is on one side, a ditch that’s really part of a centuries old irrigation network that was built by the first settlers is behind the building. Aztec TV – presumably Spanish-speaking network TV – is on one side, and the old Root Candle Factory is on the other side. The Root (candle) Factory, reading the signs, looks like it’s going to be turned into high-end, downtown, hip, urban dwelling units.

I’m not saying there’s a connection, not between Root and Rico, but the buildings, if I recall that walk, share the same big tub of wax. Paraffin, I think that’s it, before it’s colored and scented, I’m not saying that there is a connection, but after the heart-healthy cookies with “frozen, non-diary, whipped topping,” I just had to wonder.