“Want to stop and get some sunscreen?”

I passed, I mean, we slid into the port side village under the cover a thick fog, barely burning off as we launched, and I didn’t think to pack any for this trip. It’s Monday, before T-Day, who gets sunburned now? I think to some, isn’t this like the dead of winter?

Yeah, on the Texas Coast, maybe not so much.

It was fantastic day on the coast. Great day for fishing. I think we hooked up over two-dozen fish, boated almost 20 of them, and had us a few keepers. Then, as the day wound down, we continued to tease the little Red Drum with leftover shrimp.

I’ll skip the part about pushing the boat out of the mud flats, and I’ll skip the part about the big Black Drum that looped itself under the anchor line and summarily made an escape. No need to belabor those points.

Burgers, again, at Puerto Vallarta Tacqueria. Feeding pelicans while cleaning fish.

Pelicans on the water break.

I’m pretty sunburned. In a good way.