Curios, but probably just from my perspective.

More Pink Cake.

Fat City:
I’m unsure of the scientific methods used in this study, but sure, proud of the results. San Antonio and Austin smoke Houston now.

Your call:
Give the right award. Or gift.

Either way:
Sort of an either/ore situation?

Question begging:
Which tale is wagging which tail?


Parts and pieces
I was poking at the weather page, getting a glimpse of freezing conditions. Which means I’ll be locked up with cabin fever. Borger? 26 degrees. Marfa? 23 degrees. We’re a little warmer, but not by much. After a protracted summer and fall, this winter stuff is hitting hard.

As winter approaches, my sister’s special birthday package caught up.

Birthday Special

Seeing as how I’ve already had the Pink Cake, I mean, the thought is nice, but I’ve celebrated….

Still, “birthday in a box,” that’s nice. Yellow cake isn’t pink, but then, even pink cake isn’t really pink, and I appreciate the instructions in Spanish. Local flavor.

BBC astronomy note