Two Meat Tuesday

Hi Michael:
Must be the El Paso Airport, same sky cap, same greeting.

Meandering Road Notes:
Kind of hard, all cut off for the moment from the rest of the world, at the airport. But what’s it called, an intrinsic disconnect? Cowboy hat, cowboy boots, new jeans, belt, buckle, bright, yoke cut shirt with pearl snaps, all good, typical cowboy look. With a Bluetooth earpiece. Under a shock of jet black hair, under a decent black felt hat, just a hispanic-flavored cowboy waiting to meet someone at the airport. I guess. The earpiece fooled me.

Mercury is backwards.

Part of the Midwest and certainly El Paso lost some of the Cowboy’s loss on Sunday. But better than that, listening to the news guy trying to explain what happened.

I was wondering, is there some rule that “emo” boys have to wear yolk shirts with faux pearl snaps? Can’t decide whether to be irked or amused. Seen it several times.

Musical notes:
Van Halen doing the Who’s “Won’t get fooled again,” then that made me think about the notes I had from some other portion of the trip.

West Texas, on a clear day, from 30 or 40 – or even 20 – thousand feet? Barren but not lifeless. And as the dirt tracks cut through the landscape, properly, the northern portion of the Chihuahua Desert, oil and gas wells are little cutouts, small circles in the topography. It’s weird. Seen it for a lot of my life, so it seems, staring out the airplane window, same scene, same road. So to speak.

Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” backed by Dave Dudley twanging about “Six Days On The Road.”For me, this was only five, but home, wherever that is, is a welcome feeling. Or maybe it really is like Cory Morrow sings, in his song, “21 Days on the Road,” – I’d go home but my home’s right here.

You would think that women in airports would wear comfortable shoes. There was one pair of clogs that looked hot. Hot in a fetching way, not hot, like, it was over 80, but the air was cool and crisp. Fall like.

“If the crew talked back to the captain, or patients to their doctor, then whose authority would they accept? How could the passengers be safe or the patient healthy?”
Meditations Marcus Aurelius, Book VI, Verse 55

Unrelated astronomy pointer:
Saturn’s moons harboring water?

“Oh baby are you holding out on me?”

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