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For sale: one tortilla. It’s a relatively quotidian tortilla, corn tortilla. Its source was dinner, the other evening, in a Southside taqueria of some renown. Like many artists, I tend to find the muses at work in the most common of places. I was unsure of whether I should offer this up for sale, but the landlord wants this month’s rent, so I’m forced to sell this prized artifact: it’s the face of Jesus in a tortilla.

Close examination will reveal that the depiction might be open to doubt, or, at the very least, questionable.

What is for sale is a corn tortilla, and it’s currently in the freezer here, with shipping and handling estimated at an even $4.65 (USPS Priority) and the delivery confirmation is $0.60, so that’s $5.25, and insurance? Insurance and other shipping arrangements can be made with the buyer to bear the expense.

Paypal preferred, but cash or money order is acceptable.

(cure for the common horoscope)

The waiter, he was unsure that that the likeness was really Jesus, he thought the image looked more like one of the local homeless guys. Beard and all. The tortilla, fresh off the comal, it smelled a lot better than that homeless guy, that’s for sure. And if the bids for this corn tortilla don’t take off, I might be homeless, too. But never mind that now – the waiter also thought that the image bore an uncanny resemblance to Antonio Banderas. Certainly a hero to all.

All sales are final, see the fine print for all details concerning this sale.

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