Hits and misses

Nice New York Times food article. But where’s the vaunted vetting, the editorial process? And how much did that guy get paid for that article? It’s got several factual errors. I’m not suggesting that the hearsay is inaccurate, or that one town is better than another, but spot the errors. Facts, not matters of taste.

I will admit, though, I concur that the “chimichanga” originated in AZ. Sort of breaks my heart, the thought that some other state came up with the idea of deep-frying something before anyone in Texas thought of it. The CA folks added the black olives, too.

But the “Tamale Triangle?” Houston, Dallas, San Antonio? Best tamales in Dallas are south and west of town. Like, a long way. Used to be a grandmother type who made tamales in Weatherford, or Whitney. And with rare exceptions, skip Austin. Tex-Mex? In abundance. Good Tex-Mex? I’m thinking, there’s a line, starts in Houston: I-10. Less of a triangle and more a geographical – and culinary point of demarcation. Stay south of that line for the tamales. And mole.

Hits and misses:
Def Leppard’s Yeah

Air’s Moon Safari

Holy Fuck’s Holy Fuck

Does the world need a bluegrass version of “Pour some sugar on me?”

Flying back, there was a stop in Phoenix, which always causes a flashback. Then again, maybe I don’t miss it that much.

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