Coastal connections

Scott (The Fat Guy) and me, we buzzed to the coast to fish. Tired of talking about “let’s get together,” we just hooked up and left before sun-up. By 9:35 AM, we were halfway across the bay, and for that matter, bereft of cell phones and the concomitant electronic leashes. If only for a day.

fgs100_1348 fgs100_1343

First Big Red was Scott, then me, then some more, in fact, we quit worrying about cameras until the huge trout, 24 inches or more. Big feller. Limited out on Reds, and kept fishing for a while longer, catch and release until there was no more fight left in us.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
Pink Cake A commonplace book.
Bexar County Line

Puerto Vallarta Hamburgers:
When I think of the Gulf Coast and the drinking towns (with fishing problems), I tend to shy away from a place that doesn’t sell shell food. Or half-shell, or scale sale, or wiggly bits in oil. Something about fresh seafood means fresh seafood. Could be my own prejudice, too. However, the aforementioned guide, Ron, highly recommended the burgers at a place next door to Tackle Town, a joint called Tacqueria Puerto Vallarta. Friday’s special? Chicken Fried Steak, vegetable, mashed potato – $4.75. Underneath that sign, another special, Three Milk Cake, properly, should be Tres Leches which sounds ever so much better.

But the guide suggested the burger, the waitress concurred, and those burgers have to rank up there with best. A half pound of fresh ground beef, a homemade bun, all the fixings? And it was good. Don’t recall much more. Might’ve been a tad peckish once we were off the water.

Normally, I would’ve tried the “three milk cake,” but that burger was almost too much. Almost.