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Astrology is about symbols and language. It’s the music of the spheres, so to speak.

Unrelated Two:
I answered the phone, “What is oriented in a skyward position?”

“So basically, if I read this right, I’m just screwed for the rest of my life, is that right?” (A buddy of mine)

I glanced at the afternoon sky, a few clouds, a single tourist, a Leo late for our appointment, another day in South Texas paradise.

“No man, it’ll change soon, probably go from bad to worse, really.”

It’s all about choices that we make. I was amused. I don’t guess he was.

Unrelated Three:
The “do-over” as a secret to a good relationship.

I’ve examined and codified my findings about relationships in a book, Fishing for love, I think that was how I titled it incidentally, available as a free download in electronic format here.

As Mercury turns into apparent retrograde motion, heading east, when all the other stars and planets plod westwardly, it’s time to revisit the “get out of jail free” card.

It’s simple. This first showed up a dozen years ago in another failed relationship. I was merely the observer, but to me, it was funny, and telling.

He told me: “I really love her and I could see spending my life with her.”
She told me: “Cheap bastard, told me we could save money if we moved in together.”

Just friends, not clients, and besides, statue of limitations is up. That statue is about this tall. Never mind that now. That situation, that scene, that skirmish could’ve been avoided with a simply placed “do-over.” Like a comb-over, only better results. But there are two parts to a second chance like this. Part One: recognize that an opportunity has been offered. You might’ve stepped in it, but here’s a chance to wipe it off with no adverse side-effects. Part Two: make the correction, or corrections, quickly, efficiently, and perform in a workman-like manner. Suck it up, wipe it up, don’t smirk.

In that precious do-over, don’t blow it. Don’t try the way out, “I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.” The other person wouldn’t be so mad, surely, you’ve got a clue.

Use it wisely. Figure out the mistake and atone.

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