Trivial pursuits

The Good:
The inter-web peoples:

The Bad:
For the fine print:
“Money market funds are neither insured nor guaranteed by the FDIC or any other government agency.”

The Ugly:
“I would rather be in my present situation than to be elected to a seat in Congress for life.”
From the recently purchased last-known letter of Davy Crockett, written two months before his death at the Alamo. (SA Express-News)

First off, I’d better be very clear, I’d side with the Texas fans on this dispute. In Texas, the jury would overwhelming side with the injured and aggrieved guy.

In Oklahoma? Obvious call, but New Mexico? They’d side with the OK fan, out of spite. Same with Colorado, or even KS.

Ever give money to a charity? Or a 501(c)3? Ever wonder where the money goes?
Activist Cash (dot com) has answers. For example? Look up Green Peace. Good for a laugh, in the bleak, black humor department.