I was shopping, I happened across this:

A Terabyte Drive. For Sale. At Costco (your local warehouse super store).

Memory – data storage – it’s gotten that cheap? And for sale, at the local warehouse store. Sale price? $319. Yes, I’d like one, but no, I can’t afford one, and really, is it just to say “mine is bigger”?

New Lyle Lovett CD is out – It’s Not Big It’s Large

Forgot: one more image from the coast:


The Captain was obsessed, or more likely, diligently observant, of an odd-colored character, a Woods Stork (or something) – along with the Egrets, Heron, Great Heron, &c. What I was trying to get an image of? Roseatted – or Rosetta – Spoonbill. Looks like a Pink Flamingo – with a big spoon bill – obviously. It’s all in a name.