I have an iPhone – no news that – and I hacked on it – again not news – and I reset it to factory specifications – no surprise that – and the last auto-update erased my own custom ringtones. No great loss, I’m sure it’s covered in Apple’s fine print.

The first ringtones idea was Yellow’s “Oh yeah,” and I clipped it, massaged it in Apple’s Garage Band, doing that loop thing to stretch it to 30 seconds. Liked it so much, I did a shorter audio sample from the Clash’s “The Magnificent Seven” about three seconds, “Ring ring seven AM.” The technical details are boring, but quick programmers adapted, and three updates, three tries by me, and three Apple resets, and?

And I give up. I didn’t really want a custom ringtone that bad, but it was fun beating the system, short-lived as the victory was. Between readings and lunch dates, I had a little time. 99 cents for a three seconds Clash clip. However, there comes a time when the “fooling with it” is outweighed by cost versus aggravation.

Laetri edimus qui nos subigant.
— kramer wetzel
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