I didn’t whine once about the price of the iPhone. I didn’t bother to make a comment on the introduction, as I was preoccupied.

I’m busy trying to find a copy of a CD by Two Tons of Steel. Saw them at the old Threadgills, I’m thinking, a couple of Monday nights. Two songs, which really doesn’t merit buying a CD, when I can just buy the tunes on iTunes, but that’s not it. Title track, of course, about Vegas, but then, as near as I can tell, there’s a Ramones cover, in country style: I want to be sedated.

Kramer’s rule of technology: after you buy it, but before you unbox that new (laptop, scanner, camera, smart phone, PDA, CPU, &c) – it is now worth half what you paid for it.

I knew that before I ever whipped it out.

I looked back at my notes on the iPhone. Showed up quarter to six, had phone in hand at six-fifteen. Bleeding edge technology. It always costs more.

I wonder if the whiners are the same people who camped out Wednesday night for the Friday debut.

I do live like a monk. (Yeah, for you, Scott.) Go mediaeval, huh.

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