Went Fishing

Rolled out at “oh-dark-thirty,” grabbed a big coffee, and headed towards the lake. First fish on, nice fish, especially from previous experiences at that lake, and while I could’ve promulgated the fable about the first cast, it was really on the third cast.

Off the water a little after noon, and then, burnt like an over-cooked piece of BBQ, I had to make sure the pictures – Bexar County Line – were hung with care, down at Jupiter.

That was a good day at the lake. Weather cooperated, fish were strong and thrashing, full of that “bass attitude,” which makes the pursuit so much fun. At one point, we both had fish on lines, kind of tag-team fishing. Huh. That was fun.

First Fish of the day (Photo credit Pat Drake/iPhone)

Another fine fish (Photo credit Pat Drake/iPhone)

Snake Farm

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
Bexar County Line

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