Road-tested: iPhone

Week’s later. First off, there’s an easy hack available.

That being said, my phone carries a new label:

That, and the standard ring-tones got replaced with two special selections, I cut a sample out of a Clash song, “ring ring 7 AM…” and since the sample is less than three or four seconds….

It’s a good wake-up call.

I was walking out of a coffee shop, intent on a nice jaunt homeward, and I started to plug in the earbuds. It’s nice to have just one unit, phone, iPod, and camera. The pictures are certainly good, if not great, and the iPod is serviceable, even though I don’t have more than about 12 hours of music, and the phone, well, it works great.

The worst part of the phone is a lady who wanted to start a fight with me because I said something into the earbud, and she thought I was talking to her. I flashed the phone, but I wasn’t sure she got it.

There’s much tech talk about the email and the AT & Tingular “edge” network, which, from what I gather, isn’t really that edgy. But the email works, if not great, and the text message is quite good. I went from swearing at the text messages to swearing by the text messages.

There was a leftover Cingular point, too, about the “$5 all you can eat” text message deal. I signed up for that because I’ve got a couple of friends who take “all you can eat” as a challenge.

That hack, mentioned above, just being able to re-arrange the icons made all the difference. I don’t really use You Tube on the phone, nor, for that matters, do I care about stock prices in my non-existent portfolio. And I found I respond better if the buttons are slightly re-organized in a more cohesive fashion – better for the way my brain works.

After a month? Is it that good? Does about eighty per cent of what I wanted it t do. I can catch e-mail and pictures of fish, while at the lake.