Make it pay

It’s all about an investment in the outcome.


It’s a straight-up fact, the worst, positively the absolute worst slot machines in Las Vegas are at the airport. The odds aren’t bad, they are miserable. Legendary, in that the odds are so bad. That being duly noted, when I was in the airport, Tuesday afternoon, I popped a twenty into a nickel Tabasco machine, and after a few half-hearted stabs at the buttons, I doubled – and then some – my dollars. I piddled until it was down to thirty bucks, but still, think about it.

I killed some time, the moon was in Gemini, Mars having just entered as well, with that Moon loosely opposite Jupiter, and I wasn’t in the mood, or not, I was figuring it was harmless fun.

The point though, I wasn’t married to the outcome. I wasn’t engaged with having to win. I wasn’t desperate. No “baby needs new shoes” urgency. I was kind of wondering why I wandered to the airport so early, but I was ahead, or even, anyway, at the casino, and the lines have been long and miserable at the airports, so I was being safe.

I still don’t understand the cab system, ride from the airport was more than $20, but the ride back to the airport clocked in at just under $14. Same distance.

But that’s not the point. At the airport, I was fully willing to lose the loose 20. Instead, it went way up, then down, then up and then, I cashed out. More amused than anything else.

The point, the pathway to ultimate success and happiness? Don’t get married to the outcome.