Los Dos Carnes (Tuesday)

Or Chews-Day, sort of depends on location. And quality of the BBQ.

The Long One:
I’ve wanted, for years, to stream one of my lectures as a video, off the site. This is the lecture from last Saturday, tech notes: Quicktime, over 100 mb in size, limited to 12 fps, so it’s a little choppy, and I’ll be honest, if you don’t want to hear me ramble for over 20 minutes, then skip it. Otherwise, here’s the link (opens in a new window, be prepared to wait).

Pursuant to that idea, I was linking up the reading list and I ran across a link to a note about viral video.

Unrelated (firearm) goody:
Although, thinking about it, other designers could learn from the humble AK-47.

The Details:
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Here, in downloadable, semi-permanent format: the fineprint.


Somebody remind me what the question was.

Fisher cats.