South Austin. Lower Congress (that would be south of the river): I’ve got a compare and contrast set of pictures.

With no apologies, I’m a long-haired, bleeding heart liberal with no Republican tendencies. I was even physically ill when I sat, by pure accident, in the Republican section – one time. That’s another story altogether.

I snapped the first one, when I was riding with a friend, in an eco-friendly hybrid car. I was going to use the bottom-most bumper sticker, I thought it said, through the dirty windshield, “Vote for a change.” Which is a personal admonishment of mine. Can’t complain if you aren’t part of the process.

The second one, I mentioned it to the driver, again, us in a hybrid, a gas-guzzling SUV with its high center of gravity that makes it more prone to falling over, and the bumper sticker that caught my attention? “Stop drilling in the Alaska preserve.”

Where’s the oil supposed to come from, faux-hippie?