Silly Season

Obviously, it has arrived.

Mercury Movie:
Clip, really, same clip in different formats: Quicktime, or mp4. Like I know what that means.

I was talking about crazy:
Ex-girlfriends. But not that crazy.

And no one:
Saw this one coming?

Stuck in a rut?
Try this (you mileage may vary, not officially tested at FGS World HQ, some restrictions apply.)

Various thoughts:
Some moral, some diverting.

I wonder if I’m writing me or writing about me.

Horn Riff:
Way left over from El Paso, Jeff Beck and ZZ Top. Good production values. I should be so lucky.

Count me as a the faithful, lined up like a lemming, waiting on the new toy, despite what better read and far more knowledgeable experts say.

I was a early adopter of smart phones, bleeding edge for phones and phone cameras, and I’ve been waiting since that last unfortunate accident at the creek, when I discovered that the wet-suit wallet for a smart phone doesn’t mean I can take the phone swimming. Wasn’t underwater that long, in my defense.

Stupid smart phones.

So I’ve just been waiting, as I would like to have a phone that can synchronize with the calendar application, and the address book, and as a bonus, takes pictures as well as plays music. So I’m less sure about the music part. However, also means I could charge the phone from the laptop. Imagine that, three fewer items to carry.

Me? I’m already on Cingular with an expired plan, so it’s not like it’s any great transition, from one evil empire to the next. Doesn’t anyone remember when AT&T was the Deathstar?

This applies in my field of astrology (astronomy applied to behavioral sciences):

(cure for the common horoscope)
Bexar County Line