ad nauseum
Via the man.

Items to consider, and I can’t say as how I really embrace this, but it could happen. Eleven items to check before you publish.

One more quick hit.

I know, shut up already about the device. It’s just a toy.

Full disclosure:
Subtitle – Who gets paid?

This branch of “astrofish.net” which is referred to as “kramerwetzel.com”? It’s a web-log. Blog. Blog is such an ugly word. For a while, I ran a header that said “experiential and experimental.” Still is. That’s all. Not getting paid by anyone to specially mention any products.

Not that I wouldn’t sell out, it’s just that I haven’t. I mean, I would be happy to sell my soul, for the right price. Well, a piece of it, anyway.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)

(cure for the common horoscope)

Bexar County Line

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