Horrible Scopes

Horoscopes that sell readings, nothing else. Teasers, glib line, not quite enough content to fulfill? That’s a hint. Then, too, there’s the problem that what was in Cancer last week is in Capricorn this week. I’m not saying all horoscopes are recycled, but check the words, oftentimes, they are.

What I aim for is a good target. What most horoscopes deliver is a single shot, then the reader has to paint a target around the spot where the shot landed.

The question is, are the horoscopes just an ad for another service?

What was worse, though, and I ran across this in a monthly magazine, the recycled tropes, “You’re going to get some money, get to travel, and either a new love, or an old love will heat up.”

Of course I’d like to hear that.

(cure for the common horoscope)

Go Spurs Go:
Manu Ginobili, MVP Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan.

Go Spurs Go. Overnight, in SA, when they won the championship, it was a big deal. Wonder what I was thinking. Spurs won, of course, but then, minutes later, the honking started. Cars, air horns, cops, sirens, helicopters with spotlights, and then, the car horns. Again and again. Seemed like all night.

So let’s see, Tim Duncan is from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (is that part of the Virgin Group?), Manu is from Argentina (along with Oberto), and Tony P? Born in Belgium, raised in France.

Bexar County Line

Six Miles:
Sad state of affairs, and I regularly walk in excess of six miles. Might make me really old fashioned.

Good talking points, one and all.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)