Two-meat Tuesday

Gourds, the:
This one was funny. Not so much the list itself, but the comments, and then the comments about the comments, and the easiest way to get people fighting? Say that some list of songs is the definitive list for (some given period of time).

Or like this list, and it just shows how out of touch I am. Except for Animals, and that was excellent coverage. And Devo, and Talking Heads. Still, only to recognize a couple of the albums from a top 40 list?

Me, I think I’ll go on down to Floores Country Store this weekend. Get out of the mess and catch the Gourds.

While looking for Gourds stuff, I stumbled across the official unofficial website, and that gave way to looking at some the officially unofficial material. Half way through that story, one of the players, he took up the hooter, which I misunderstood to be “he took it up the hooter.” Which, as it turns out, isn’t the same thing.

I’m sure there’s a valuable lesson there, learning how to take up the hooter – it’s an instrument with a place to blow and places for fingers.

Yes, I was an early adopter, and yes, I paid the price, and these days, I still miss it. The Newton was totally a good piece of equipment for me.

I only hope the rumored iPhone is a worth predecessor.

Bexar County Line

(cure for the common horoscope)