The Quest:
Or better yet, the question, bought out or sold out?

The trail:
It starts here and that leads to some other material by the same author, all about branding. Marketing, branding, and, then, I was reading – on a band’s website – about that band’s “street team.” Which is fancy way to say “unpaid, under appreciated fan base” or something akin to that phrase. That one band, they did have a liability notice about the street team. I suppose street teams are an innovation by some hip marketing company, and from this point on, the discussion is reductive.

I like some of that author’s material, the first post. I like a lot of what he talks about. I clicked on link to his article about branding a person blog, and I thought about a recent conversation with my mother.

“How do I get to your blog?”

Title of the book, Two Meat Tuesday, the address is on the cover. I think she has a copy of that one.

I thought about that author’s guidelines and suggestions. There was that e-mail question again, collect e-mails and use them. I don’t. Then there was the idea that a blog should reflect itself as a product.

Coherence: nope, not going to happen.

Theme: again, not happening.

Always brilliant and on the mark? Not a chance.

Brilliance, poignance, and timely delivery? That’s the horoscopes. Rambling that strictly amuse me? Might be both, I tend to let this be a catch-all for whatever is on my mind at the moment.

One professor suggested a “common place book.” I used a database nicknamed “quotidian” for just such a chore, odd bits and pieces, snippets and portions of dialogue I wanted to use. I still have a few paper journals, but I tend to write once on the computer and then throw away the paper trail. Anymore.

But that’s what this is, just collected stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Or perhaps a photo from a Gemini:

trailer park
(cure for the common horoscope)
Can’t put that elsewhere, but it’s funny – to me.
Bexar County Line