Cheap Seats and UCE

While I’m thinking about it, I tend, in a reading, to suggest that an e-mail follow-up is part of the deal. I’ve listened to “experts” talk about harvesting such e-mails. My take? When I get an email, I’ll dialogue for a little bit, but not long, and I don’t bother to harvest the email, either. When I get crap from someplace where I’ve done business, say, ordered something? And then that entity starts to send me their weekly newsletter (sales pitch), notice of sales (sales pitches), and news? I get irritable. I prefer Southwest Airlines, just me and my thinking, and I love the company’s way of doing business. I get an email from them once or twice a week – but I volunteered for it.

So, despite this (huge) potential for targeted email traffic, no, I don’t. I’m annoying enough as it is.

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