Basic binary

I was looking at Monday morning’s chart, then thinking. Early on Monday morning, that can be a hazardous combination, unfiltered thinking and astrology (not applied).

It’s a binary decision. Yes/no. On/off. Up/down. Black/white. What to do with what’s there? Good/bad? It’s not, like, particularly good, but when I crawled out of bed, I had a choice.

It’s a basic decision, good or bad, what’s it going to be this morning?

Took some digging, but I found this article and I finally felt much better. There isn’t any material buried on any of my web pages – except for the text itself. And that’s only as incendiary as the reader wants it to be.

Odd bits:
The perfect storm and the Neocon.

Daily Telegraph news.

Illegal to rent to illegals?

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