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One more set of tarot cards for sale: Rare! Out-Of-Print!

Stairs of Gold Tarot – Tavaglione Tarot
Tavaglione Tarot is a slightly odd size for a Tarot deck, over five inches in length and just under three inches in breadth. It is a feature-rich tarot deck, too. While the suits are just numbered in the old school way, each card features a series of numbers, place in the deck, place in the suits, mystical number, Tree of Life, Kabbalistic numbers, and some astrological attributions.

The Little White Book that accompanies this deck is nearly mint condition, as are the cards. And that little white book is a bit different, too, as the type-setting looks to be a manuscript font. Hard to read, but visually appealing. The deck and booklet both carry a 1979 copyright. US Games System (CT address) cards.

In a semi-serious moment, I tried to make sure that the Star card was visible. It just demonstrates what kind of artwork is present in this deck. Slightly different, and oddly enough, a little more realistic, in its own way.

No warranty is implied and there are no guarantees, other than this is a complete deck of 78 tarot cards with two extra cards included. And the little white book. Box is worn on the corners, but otherwise, in good shape. Usual disclaimers apply.

That little bubble mailer costs me a buck, USPS Priority is $4.05 plus fifty cents for a confirmation/tracking number, brings a fixed shipping and handling fee to an even $5.55.


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