Odd bits from the road

The Brazos River:
The Brazos River is longest river that is in Texas. Got its name from early Spanish explorers who called it Brazos de Dios (Arms of God). Much mythology abounds, settlers saved from imminent death and dying of thirst. There’s one tale where a priest and what’s left of his converts are saved by a wall of water crashing down down on the attackers, probably marauding indians, hence a source for the name, Brazos de Dios.

Early residents:
Seems that the area and the town got its name from the Waco Indians, a Caddo Branch of the Wichita Tribes. I’d guess, a Western branch of the Caddo Tribes. Waco, Hueco, Wacco, all names given to the town and its residents.

Dr Pepper:
It’s reputed top have been invented here. At one point, I was raised in the shadow of a Dr Pepper plant, so I haver strong feelings about that kind of carbonated sugar water. I prefer it to other brands, although, these days, I tend to shy away from any kind of brown-fizzy water. Except, occassionally, a diet Dr Pepper. It’s so refreshing, on hot afternoon. The secret ingredient was long rumored to be prune juice. I don’t know.

The Brooklyn Bridge:
The Waco Bridge company charted in 1866 to build a bridge across the river. It was a major crossing point for trail drives from the south – ford at Waco. The Waco Bridge company was given charter that guaranteed no bridges within 5 miles. Or nearby. The first toll on that bridge was collected on January 1st, 1870. A chuck wagon’s toll was a whopping fifty cents, mounted riders, a dime, and each head of cattle as a nickel. I’d let the cows get wet, but wet leather gets itchy after a while. Stretches then shrinks.

At the time of its completion, the Waco Bridge was the longest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi.

The bridge, in short order, changed hands, being sold to the county and then being sold (for a dollar) to the city. The Waco Suspension Bridge was the third longest suspension bridge in the world, same engineer as the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Waco bridge was the first structure to span the Brazos.

Best T-shirt?
Woman wearing a pink T-shirt, the shirt read: “Between Husbands.”

Welcome to Waco:
Just wondering.