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The Medieval Scapini Tarot
The Medieval Scapini Tarot is not really a medieval set of cards. I’m unsure of the provenance – I didn’t read the book – but the images seem to draw on the older, museum-like medieval tarot cards. There is a liberal use of gold, and images themselves draw upon a whimsical background that hints of all the cultures associated with the area. Purportedly Italian. Nominally a US Game Systems deck of tarot cards. Printed by AG Muller (Swiss).

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The Original Tarot of Frown Strong
Some days, I uncover some seriously strange material. That this deck came from my own collection surprises me still. “World Copyright R. Armin 1991” and there is no publisher information. Comes in a stout cardboard box, double sized. From the front, it says, “The Original Tarot of Frown Strong” and continues with “The 22 major cards … With their esoteric and occult teachings…” It’s just the major arcana, lovingly rendered on standard-sized playing cards, roughly 2 and half inches wide and three and three quarters inches long. There’s a small booklet, and even that held no information other than some of the meanings of the cards and simplistic instructions. I’m guessing this is a very small press offering, from 1991. Evocative artwork, finely-rendered details, and a strange little booklet. The booklet has only one staple as a binding. However, if you’re interested in one-off tarot sets, this is a rarity. Year: 1991. Status: Out-of-Print.


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