Number 47

(Paraphrased translation)1 ”The world may be known without leaving the house; The Way may be seen apart from the windows. The further you go, The less you know.” More cryptic2? Ibam ibi, feci id. Different version? Without going outside his door, one understands (all that takes place) under the sky; without looking out from his Number 47

Marcus Aurelius 6.54

Marcus Aurelius 6.54 “54. That which is not in the interests of the hive cannot be in the interests of the bee.” Excerpt From: Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius. “Meditations.” Book # 6 54. ‘What injures the hive injures the bee.’ Marcus Aurelius (Loeb Classical Library) Delphi Complete Works of Marcus Aurelius – Marcus Aurelius Marcus Aurelius 6.54