Instant Manifestations

Instant Manifestations

Sitting in the doctor’s office, I was flipping through social media feeds, just routine material, the modern equivalent of leafing through out-of-date magazines. There was a post, a place I like, sort of spooky, and reasonable enough, about Instant Manifestations “because Mercury was going direct on the New Moon in Virgo.”

mrx altMercury in apparent retrograde motion, tends to shift directions over a period of three or more days. More than one person has complained about this being the worst Mercury Retrograde, and in my own memory, just the worst since the last one. Besides, as I am prone to quote, “Nothing’s good or bad but thinking makes it so.” (Hamlet.)

There were warnings, and there was a plenty of advance notice, like even, last year. Can’t say there was no opportunity to be prepared. I aim to be a gentle reminder, but I do have my moments.

What amused me and and had a certain level of frustration, in a single, specific natal chart, I suggested that everything got better at 11 on last Tuesday. But that is very chart-specific, and there are a whole host of contributing factors, position of the Sun, the Moon sign, placement — and disposition — of natal Mercury? All play a factor in that single astrological prognostication. One person? Out of hundreds or even thousands.

Instant Manifestations

Technical details because, to some, these matter. The Moon entered Virgo Tuesday (9/12) evening at 11:19 PM. The Moon aligns with the Sun Thursday after sunset (9/14) at 8:39 PM.

Mercury goes direct (9/15) in the afternoon at 2:39 PM.

Mercury goes direct at 8°0’ of Virgo. The New Moon is at 21°58’ Virgo — more than ten degrees apart from each other. Same Tropical Zodiac Sign, but different degrees.

Moon moves into Libra at (9/15) 12:15 PM.

Instant Manifestations

Because the social media scroll rate is so fast, and I’m guessing the average attention span is minutes, if not seconds, I figure that Instant Manifestations promised under the New Virgo Moon and Mercury gradually shifting directions? I would guess that it could happen, but I doubt instant.

Not to say I don’t, I do observe Lunar Rituals, but as I’ve watched over the years, patient observation suggests this is less “instantaneous,” and much more gradual.

Therein is the clue about this season, as we look at the middle and end of Virgo, as we look towards the heavens for guidance in what kind of astrological weather to expect.

I do believe there are instant manifestations, and in other words, prayers are answered. Whatever it is that one believes, the power of thinking, intention, wishing, praying, meditating, whatever it is?

I’ve seen it work. I’ve felt a presence.

However, Instant Manifestations under the current conditions is a bit of stretch, in my book.

Except for that one chart. That will be instant. But the rest of us?

Takes time. We’re getting there, but it might take a little longer than anticipated.

the Portable Mercury Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde

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