Eight Degrees of Pisces

Eight Degrees of Pisces

Oddities abound.

Four in a row. Five, maybe. Have to check my notes.

It was one day of work, and I ran across — all in a row — very different people. — but the similarity was a Natal Pisces Moon. A Natal Pisces Moon in the first Eight Degrees of Pisces.

From my own text?

Transit SATURN conjoined natal Moon
This passage of Saturn tends to exacerbate the feelings of being all alone. Not just loneliness, but a period of time where there seems to be an effort to crush all essences of happiness. The emotional life, usually predicated by the Moon, that emotional side seems to be a rocky and inhospitable soil where happiness can find no purchase. This also tends to add strain and stress to relations with primary female characters, typically a mother, or mother-like figure. There’s always a good chance that this feels like a particular person is withdrawing or deliberately withholding affections. Listen quietly, and see if the theme song from an old Spaghetti Western doesn’t come whistling along in the background. That sets a tone to help move forward. Being — apparently — alone and bereft of companionship and support? Fortifying the internal, mental, the self itself? That’s the Stoic Way, and perhaps, the clue for Saturn solutions.

(From my own book, Kramer Wetzel’s little book of astrology transits.)

All different Sun Signs, different Rising Signs, and for that matters, different astrological generations. The common threads? Natal Pisces Moon between 0° and 8° Pisces. Kind of an exact set of figures, and a sampling smaller than an astrological decan, which is ten-degree slice of a sign that is only 30 degrees wide, so essentially one-third of a sign. Less than that.

Eight Degrees of Pisces

While the words change, there’s a similar element that stretches through the various interpretations. I kept suggesting “structure,” as in, “add some structure and observe the ritual,” which brings me back to an old quote, left over from Pink Cake, and I’m paraphrasing, or doing this one from memory, not sure how it works, “but first pay homage to the old gods as custom decrees.” (Pythagoras, one of his so-called golden verses.)

Missed the exact quote, but I was close. When I lived downtown, there was a coffee shop that included some hand-lettered materials, one was “Observe daily rituals.” Or, “Find happiness in daily rituals.” I know the late emperor Marcus Aurelius considered writing in his journal to be part of his observed daily rituals.

Structure can take many forms, and this is a structure that can look like bondage to some free souls, but it’s more along the lines of doing the hard work first so we can all enjoy some rest and relaxations at some later date.

Eight Degrees of Pisces

Another variation comes to mind, as well, “Get your affairs in order.” I’ve heard that very expression, recently, an admonishment to one and taken in full by another. A whole Saturn cycle later, it paid off. The details are too personal to share, but imagine a doctor saying, “Get your affairs in order,” and then the patient buying a burial plot, complete with a pre-paid casket.

It’s a singular example, and tracking it, right at a complete cycle of Saturn through a chart, a complete orbit.

While I hardly consider just going to church on Sunday as a proper homage to a spiritual life, raised as I was, observance of certain ritual is important. Saturn, across the first Eight Degrees of Pisces is about adding some kind of structure to an existing situation, and how that plays out, individually, for each natal chart?

All depends.

Eight Degrees of Pisces

Door into Pisces
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