A hotdog at the ballgame

A hotdog at the ballgame

“A hotdog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz”

    ― Humphrey Bogart

Wandered into “Willies’n’Waffles,” or something like that. The rainbow district was right next to the ballpark area. If only more places were so enlightened? Ballpark frank, Chicago style. In Wrigleyville.

Monday, Cin 6 CHC 5.
Tuesday, Cin 9 CHC 20.
Wednesday, Cin 6 CHC 16.
Thursday, Cin 3 CHC 5.

Got the tickets some months back, just for summer entertainment. Having been to Fenway, Wrigley Field was next on the list, plus they had some deal on a tour of the ball park. Neither team was doing much at the time.

Chicago style hot dog

Chicago style hot dog

I don’t know much about baseball. But from a dollar-to-entertainment factor, it’s right up there, and the little AirBnB was close, just blocks from the ballpark. Free first-class airfare on good, old Southwest. Reminds why I’m spoiled with my usual airports, and my odd fond memories from traveling.

For this season, 2023, there were three rule changes. Got rid of the shift, and I have no reasonable idea as to what that means, the bases are bigger, and there’s a pitch clock like in the minor leagues. More base stealing, more action, more hits, and the pitch clock really speeds the game up.

What I missed at Fenway, and what we got at Wrigley? Behind the scenes tour, including a brief moment on the field itself.

Hotdog at the ballgame

Hotdog at the ballgame

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