La Llorna

River Woman River Demon

When the Death Card means literal death? I suspect the novel’s recommendation bounced off my liking The Cloisters, but who knows?

It’s a piece of magical realism set just south of Albuquerque, NM, mostly, with a passing reference to UNM, and the liminal spaces between barrio and gentrified neighbors. Then, too, it evokes the Rudolfo Anya material I so loved, same territory, same world. Magic, intertwined with the real world. How that all works?

What first caught my attention, it was special deal, unlimited downloads or something, from the library, for a short period. Like a free book, if only for a spell. The special deal was something about an unlimited number of library downloads available for a short time. Book looked intriguing.

It was an exciting novel to read, deftly combining the worlds, I knew, the worlds I know, and what could happen.

With an interesting twist of fate, the author is a poet, and now, not only do I have to look for her other books, I want to find some of her volumes of poetry, see what’s what.

River Woman River Demon

By Jennifer Givhan

Who said no one would ever tame La Llorna?

Woman Hollering Creek

La Llorna

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