Slough Horses v. 2

Slough Horses v. 2

But first a word from others, here. To me, the most amusing part of my interaction with Herron’s Slough Horses is finding the body of work through another “Best Seller” thriller, something from Sandford. Because I backed up halfway through, not sure what I was halfway through, and I read some of the Le Carrie spy thrillers from yesterday-year? That adds a level engagement for Herron’s Slough House, &c.

The first series was brilliantly acted if a tad drawn out, and what was worse? I couldn’t recall some of the plot points, but still quite effective. As an adjunct to the novel series?

The book is better but only just, and while not the exact Jackson Lamb I imagined from reading the novels, still a fairly effective character, again, wonderfully drawn out by Gary Oldham.

Just really well acted, and emotionally just like I wanted Jackson Lamb to appear.

Slough Horses v. 2

Little touches on the screen, and like the one reviewer suggested, not a series to watch while playing with one’s phone at the same time.

Two series, Slow Horses is one, makes the exception that a book can be done well as a movie. Or series, or whatever this art form is now deemed.

color TV

color TV

There’s an addendum, or a further note, or question mark, more as a footnote or sidebar, best left at the bottom of page someplace. Apple TV, the nominal source for the Slow Horses series, also ran an older movie, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy based on Le Carre’s Smiley, starring, a decade younger Oldham. As a character, he was preparing for the cranky old man part.

There’s a sense, a flavor, a feeling that the novels, then the video versions evoke, a slightly blackened — some would suggest neo noire — humor under layers of a stiff upper lip and whip-smart plotting.

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