Re-Aligning Goals

Re-Aligning Goals

Previously, two examples, about goals and “bullet” journals

Re-Aligning Goals

A fork in the roadBeen at the small, goal-oriented journal thing for a while now, a couple of years, maybe? What I’ve learned? It’s useful. A simple set of targets, non-negotiable, but not etched in stone, either. However, as an adjunct, there’s another kind of goal-setting, wherein I time with the Moon, the phase of the Moon. Originally, that was called a “burning bowl” ritual.

I was thinking about a way to re-align goals so that the timeline fits with a lunar cycle, perhaps a little more evenly.

Re-Aligning Goals

1 Day
2 Week (14 Days, lunar cycle)
3 Month (3 x Lunar cycle)
4 …

Re-Aligning Goals

As far as I got, tricky trying to do much past about a year or two. While I’ve been at this for a while, I’ve seen a full range of Saturn through the signs? I tend to favor a cycle of 7 years for Saturn. For Jupiter, roughly a 12-year cycle, so it would be a yearly cycle.

Works in progress. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I’m writing my way through this. As always, this is experiential and experimental.

Re-Aligning Goals

I set this aside then circled back around. November can be — Sun Sign Scorpio? November is a good time for Sagittarius introspection, a time to pause and assess those goals. Maybe re-align them.

  1. Hour
  2. Days
  3. Weeks
  4. Years

The ‘4 Years’ is the tricky part so far. Thinking through, though, that helps, and looking at it on paper, well, on a page?

Since pre-pandemic, I’ve been wrestle in with the five-year ideal, the idea of what all my work looks like, in 5 years. Or longer?

The 2038 Bug,
via xkcd.

Re-Aligning Goals

When I started the January 2023 notebook, I looked, and the fly leaf has the bullet breakdown, 1-5, but after percolating on this idea for a spell?

  1. Day
  2. Weeks
  3. Months
  4. Years

• One: a simple, single daily goal.
• Two: Next two weeks, where I am on the Lunar Goals
• Three: next few months, possibly touching 4 signs, but all the way through a season.
• Four: Four years is slightly more than an approximate turn of Saturn on his course. Perfect reminder.

Works in progress — stay tuned.

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