Premonitions and Intuitions

Premonitions and Intuitions

This first happened, this was old South Austin, way back in the day. Earliest recollection of the event, and while that’s not totally true, from my own memory? It’s the easiest accessible answer. Example. Easiest example for me to draw upon.

Its about premonitions and intuitions.

Perhaps a definition?

Premonitions and Intuitions

Premonitons are a kind of unbidden fore-knowledge of events that are about to occur. Popular in fiction, TV, and movies, as well as other forms of entertainment, a premonition is about knowing something that is about to happen before the event occurs.

Intuitions are an innate knowing, an inborn understanding of situations, places, people, and paces, grasping the meaning of the events without that fore-knowledge.

In my line of work, I see a lot of this. In the following example, I remember the exact moment that the two collided and served me — and the client.

Premonitions and Intuitions

How it startedIt was garage apartment in old South Austin, borderline sketchy neighborhood south of the river, and under the moon’s wan spring-like light, I was “reading cards” at a kitchen table in the two-room suite.

Woman, young female, younger than me at the time, but not by much, sits down across from me. I ask her birthday, nod, and then do the math in my head, shuffle the cards, and start to lay them out.

An imaginary beam of light opens up from the heavens and pours data directly into my brain, and from thence, out my mouth. I was a conscious conduit, first time I was fully aware of it, and I just got out of the way.

Not sure which one it qualifies for, premoniton or intuition, but I pointed at the cards, and did the metaphysical dance.

I was heaped with praise as the most amazing visionary ever to grace her with prescience.

My important recollection was the way the premonitions and intuitions worked so well that evening.

Premonitions and Intuitions

How it’s goingCouple of points to take way, remember that I’m not sure where this comes from, and it might be malignant data. Test the information, don’t just blindly accept what the guru guy says.

If only a portion of conscious mind if accessible, this could be visual, or auditory, clues that the subconscious picks up and spits outs out for our consumption. So the source is not reliable or dependable, but as an example?

We all have access to this kind of pipeline to the great subconscious, the over-soul, whatever it is that one believes in at the time, spirits, ghosts, guides.

Listening to what the premonitions and intuitions say has always been problematic.

Premonitions and Intuitions

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