Desert Star

Desert Star

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but I do enjoy the novels. Not all of them, but the spin-off from the Bosch series, with the character Renee Ballard? Sure, that was early pandemic reading for me, then as a new novels were announced, I got excited, revisiting a world that is akin to the Bosch series on the streaming channels, again, a slow start for me, but eventually, I was hooked.

It’s back in that milieux, with Bosch and Ballard, digging up cold cases, and bodies, and then, solving crimes.

“Bosch turned off the screen and sat there thinking about how the truth was always manipulated by those in power.” Page 217.

There is that.

Requiem for a character? I’m not sure about that. End of watch? Not sure about that, either.

But equal justice, sure, and it’s a good book.

“Roger that.”

Desert Star

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