This cycled through, and made me wonder, who, what, where.

Dear ,
I’m following up to confirm if you are interested in acquiring the Registrants/Attendees list.
Austin Metaphysical and Holistic Life Expo (Austin, USA, 06 – 08 Jan 2023)
Attendees Counts: 1,000
Awaiting your response, so that I can share the cost & additional details.
Malia – Event Coordinator

I couldn’t get a lead from the e-mail address, and at first, I thought it was associated with an older (Austin area) Expo organization, but I couldn’t tell, as this was the supposedly the current data. I don’t want my name, address, and numbers sold. Nor, for that matter, do I want my clients’ names, addresses, and e-mails sold.


I guard my web-data with an almost insane caution. Never hurts to err on the side of less rather than more. Safe rather than sorry?

The structure I employ, though? The mailing list, email list, is currently administered off-site. I don’t have any control over what they do with it. Allegedly, it’s secure and for my use only. I keep an eye on it, and monitor it from a separate address, just to keep up. It pays for its “free” version by running a small ad at the end.

So that Austin data didn’t come from me.

Much as I love the big Austin shows, and as much as that’s part of this career’s DNA? I don’t plan to participate — too much of grind — time for fresh blood in the water.

But I’m curious, and I would guess that it came from old Expo sources — no telling what they did with the mailing lists and e-mail addresses.

In days of old, I used to pad my mailing label addresses by a few to get up to the minimum number for a price break, and anymore?

Too much trouble.

You know my name, Kramer Wetzel, and where to find me.

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