Mars’n’Mercury’s Mercurial Meandering Miscellany


Mars’n’Mercury’s Mercurial Meandering Miscellany

Data: Dec 29/22 – Jan 17/23

What to do. What not to do?

The Portable Mercury Retrograde

I was struck with a number of ideas, and the best illustration I could come up with, at the moment?

I could be right or I could be happy.MercRX

It’s a rather simple equation and obviously, it involves family, holidays, unrealistic expectations, and the rest of this mess of a time. Compounded, no doubt, by Mars in its synodic apparent retrograde alongside Mercury’s errant path.

Mars is retrograde in Gemini, a mercurial sign.

Mercury is retrograde from approximately 24° Capricorn to 8° Capricorn, on the dates listed.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, highly charged with Saturn’s karma.

The Portable Mercury Retrograde

Mars and Mercury, both retrograde within mercurial signs is emblematic of a dual enmity that needs addressing. Or not addressing. For about 80-90% of us? The new year won’t get a good start until that Lunar New Year end of January, the Chinese New Year to some.

Jan 21, 2023 — 2:53 PM (local).

In that chart? Note that Mercury is back at 8° Cap. New Moon is roughly 1°23’ Aquarius.

Saturn and Venus conjoined in Aquarius.

Lunar New Year 2023

Lunar New Year 2023

Locally? 8th House New Moon bodes well.

But our collective new year doesn’t get underway until Aquarius starts, easiest way to see it. That’s after this current Mars/Mercury Retrograde which is about adjusting to situations that have been present, just unwanted, unwarranted, or unheeded.

Take heed? Or lower those expectations for what we can get done.

Mars’n’Mercury’s Mercurial Meandering Miscellany

It ain’t going away until properly addressed. Mars and Mercury insure that.

Hindsight is such a cruel bitch.