Rating Baseball “Looks”

Rating Baseball “Looks”

I got intrigued by some of the logo and design, will work it into a horoscope, eventually, but this is just about the current look.

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I was going to do a commentary, just ran out of energy, too many teams, history, and weird aesthetic design decisions.

Philadelphia Phillies, via (mumble), “Founded in 1883, the Philadelphia Phillies are the oldest continuous same-name, same-city franchise in all of American professional sports.”

A largely un-enigmatic P, with a liberty bell yoked in the logo itself.

Rating Baseball “Looks”

Houston, the Houston Astros, notable for a couple of developments but the star and the capital letter H? Nice enough without being too overbearing, unlike Houston itself.

First indoor stadium? The Houston Astrodome, and home of the original artificial turf, AstroTurf.

Sorry the Padres lost, the iconic SD, sure cleverly unremarkable, but the tonsured friar in sandals and frock? Great logo. Monk. (I lived like a monk.)

Rating Baseball “Looks”

The vilified New York Yankees, with their long, storied career, second only to the Dodgers? That NY logo is pure iconic, and one of the most recognizable. Wish they’d won one at least one.

Go Astros?

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