Long Shadows

Long Shadows (Memory Man Series Book 7)

Nice to see a female character ask pointed feminist questions, author perspective, that’s more rational and directed at the lopsided, presumed patriarchy that still exists.

There’s Tom Clancy, then Jack Reacher, much of whom might be built on the broad shoulders of Robert B. Parker’s Spencer series. I’m sure I’ve left some out. Sort of bouncing around because, part way into the latest novel, I marveled at how I was entranced with a deeply flawed yet almost anti-hero protagonist, “The Memory Man.”

“… but when do politicians listen to rules?” Page 236.

And commentary, appropriate in our modern conservative climate.

The entire series sort of snuck up on me, as it is rather popular fiction, and anything I can buy at the big box store off a table filled nothing but current best-sellers? Indicates a popularity, as dictated by buyers who are presumably readers. So far, the whole series has been good.

“The hardest thing for someone to do is admit they’ve been suckered. It’s easier to say the emperor is wearing his new clothes when he’s really stark naked, right up until the moment everything goes to shit and you have to pay the price for your bad judgment.” Page 361.

Good twist at the end, fun book, good series.

Long Shadows (Memory Man Series Book 7)

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