Policy and Politics

Policy and Politics

My policy is to not talk politics unless prompted. Even then, I’ve found that a quick litmus test helps. One fishing buddy is virulently anti-covid vax. Odd, as he’s had the corona twice now, and missed work from that. However, I respect his skills, otherwise, so we don’t discuss vaccines, or the politics behind it. I’d mutter that I don’t know how health care became politicized, but not a struggle I’m willing to fight. Not my rodeo, not my bull to ride.

At one point, though, there has to be some reckoning. I was going to try a line, “I use MAGA tears ™ to clean and lube my AK (47).” But honestly? MAGA Tears would clean it well, as there is a corrosive factor, able to cut through the lead and copper plating, but doubtful as a lube. MAGA tears are more likely to produce fiction and friction.

Doesn’t work and honestly, I don’t have an AR-platform weapon nor do I have an AK-47 or any variations on those themes.

Got a buddy, a collector who has half-dozen of each, but they are collected as museum pieces, and I doubt they’ve ever been fired, at least as long as my buddy has owned them. I’m guessing they would be fun to take to a gun range, but again, not anything I’m particularly interested in, at this time.

My personal politics tend to be a little to the left, but not as radical as some would think. My gun-toting, flag-waving, fishing friends? They are pretty sure that I’m a communist (pinko-fag). My deep social democrat friends think I’m just short of jack-booted thug, waving around an aforementioned AK, and patriotically yelling, “Wolverines!”

Which will it be?

The police showing up at the front door, “We’re here to to take all your legal and illegal arms,” or armed rebellion in the street where superior firepower, cunning, and strategy wins over morals.

On the scale, my liberal friends think I’m a right-wing, gun-toting nut-job. My right-wing friends think I’m a noisome communist.

Look up the real definition of social democrat, and I think that’s closer to my personal beliefs. A little to the left of center, but not by much.

True, I did vote for Reagan back in the day, but to be honest? I was young, dumb, stupid, and possibly not in my right mind. (High on drugs, perchance?)

Policy and Politics

There’s another example, really worthy of observation. Got to watching some baseball, and the MLB.TV thing was free with my current service provider. Hat tip T-Mobile.

Watching a Red Sox game, there’s choice at the beginning, which brand of broadcasters, and for that matter, which network carries the game.

There is a huge difference between commentators.

Closer to home, the Houston Astros versus the Texas Rangers. If it’s the Dallas network? The Astros are at bat, and the commentary is about the pitcher’s percentages, and how he should strike this guy out, while a the exact same game covered by a Houston station? The batter is about to hit a home run, ruining that pitcher’s record.

Same game. Same set of instructions, varying plot lines, characters, and development. Of course, in the end, the scoreboard tells the tale.

Part of this is confirmation bias, but some this? It’s just the point of the observer, and what is a desired outcome. Regrettably, politics isn’t so smooth. Besides, how many time can we argue with the score on the scoreboard?


Policy and Politics

Puck at the end of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night’s Dream?

“If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumb’red here
While these visions did appear.” (V.i.366-9)

Policy and Politics

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