Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

The best, maybe the worst marketing? There’s a huge poster up in the window at the bookstore, advertising this novel. Huge poster. Makes me think of the passage from the Scottish Play.

“There is a time for any fledgling artist where one’s taste exceeds one’s abilities. The only way to get through this period is to make things anyway.” Page 71.

Is building a better relationship like an engineering problem? Using game theory to make a love relationship work better? As an extended metaphor, in and out.

All while deconstructing the true nature of how one makes art?

“There is no purity in art. The process of how you arrive at something doesn’t matter at all.” Page 99.

The oblique delving into meta-fiction, as defined by? (Can’t remember, little paperback I read for a class.)

It’s not until two-thirds of the way through that the title’s allusion becomes more clear, and like anything I like, there’s always a touch of Shakespeare.

My earliest exposure online? I was on a legendary game server before the internet was really the internet. With that as a start point for my references? I understand the terms, situations, and dynamics without having been a gamer.

Question begging aside, the nature of reality versus virtual reality is also a late blooming question.

Fail often, another mantra?

Love among the ruins.

Excellent book, sort of a romance, in my mind. Maybe not. Clear, but not too clever with some trendy but tightly woven bits. Well-done.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

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