Two Noble Kinsmen

The Two Noble Kinsmen (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Two Noble Kinsmen

“Summer shall come, and with her all delights,
But dead-cold winter must inhabit here still.”

    Two Noble Kinsmen (2.2.45)

That would be the Shakespeare version of “AC blows cold!”

One of the esteemed critics, the vaunted Shakespeare scholars, had suggested, and this is purely a dated recollection with no source to back it up, but the memory? Something about the Two Noble Kinsmen being a better play to read than to see.

Around the time Two Noble Kinsmen was moved from Shakespeare apocrypha to the canon itself, I floated through London, and I have an early, official Arden edition. I know I read the play, as there are margin notes from me.


There’s a reason I date some of my material, so I know when I was there last.

Early pandemic years, Shakespeare’s Globe did a production, and I watched it while I was working, sort of distracted watched it. Done as high humor, or, as the Brits would say, “High humour.”

Note. Note from a note, and for background, I read the Arden Shakespeare introduction, just synopsis, a basic understanding of tragicomedy in form and format against Jacobean playwrights. The marginal note, its date was 10-15-06, but the actual horoscope was 10-12-2006.

Really well done, but I’m ambivalent about the play itself. No, really well done at Winedale, Class of 2022. Exceptional performances, I just don’t know about the play itself. I’ve got a few questions.

“I saw her first.”

Palamon Two Noble Kinsmen (II.ii.160)

Line was delivered with great hilarity, but I still don’t know. I might be overthinking this one.

Two Noble Kinsmen

Gutenberg link, old pointers, and variations on a theme.

The Two Noble Kinsmen (Folger Shakespeare Library)

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