The Driver

The Driver

Finishing the excellent Kathy Valentine memoir, I jumped right into this novel. First blush? A slightly more cartoonish version of Peter Ash novels?

A quick search on the author’s name turned up a long list of TV credits. That’s the hook, including the forensic blockbuster, Bones.

So there is that. Cinematic eye of a novelist.

The main character suffers from combat-related PTSD, and this shows up with the people he killed talking to him.

Made me wonder, characters that I kill off in fiction, could they be talking to me, even now? Sort of a Ghosts of Xmas Passed vibe to it. Will explore later?

With a deft, comedic hand, the adventure rips along, and there is death along the seamy sides of LA and its environs.

The thrill-ride story so engrossed me, I forgot to make notes. Fun book, worth the trip.

The cover art, and the incessant multi-media, social-streaming advertising is what got me to read the book.

Thoroughly enjoyable as a quick ride.

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